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Modern apartment in the city center

122-140 N Morgan St, Chicago, IL 60607, USA


This beautifully designed apartment is located at the heart of Chicago. From school-college to hospital, all the institution is located very close to the apartment. The grocery market is also situated at the walking distance. If you have kids or teenagers in your family even then you can opt for this property.

The apartment is designed nicely with luxurious furniture and appliances. The list includes microwave, dishwasher, fireplace, high ceilings and more. The property is ideal for fitness freaks because it is equipped with swimming pool and gym. In addition it also has garden. So if you were missing out of greenery in all these years then buying this apartment can be your best choice.

If you conduct a little market research then you will come to understand the fact that no other property can match the features of Modern Apartment in the City Center. The adequate space of the property, sophisticated design and luxurious in-house furniture makes it the best solution for all.


Plan I

Plan II


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